Emma Watson Shines in the Spotlight of FT Magazine 2023 Issue

Guess who stole the spotlight in the latest issue of FT Magazine? It’s none other than the fabulous actress herself, Emma Watson! Prepare to be captivated by Emma’s mesmerizing photoshoot, which took place in Chablis, her father’s charming hometown in France. This talented starlet is not just making waves on the silver screen; she and her brother Alex have also launched a remarkable gin called Renais, combining the best of English and French influences.

Renais is no ordinary gin, my friends. Its exceptional taste comes from the brilliant idea of using grape skins sourced from the exquisite vineyards of Chablis. Alex’s visionary approach to infusing discarded grape skins for a unique flavor has truly paid off. But that’s not all—Renais holds a carbon-neutral certification, ensuring that every sip you take is environmentally friendly.

What makes Renais even more extraordinary is its exclusive availability. Crafted using organic farming methods, this gin is a true testament to Emma’s dedication and passion. As a shareholder in Renais, she has poured her heart into the project, all while exploring her talents in directing and producing. With unwavering confidence in Renais’ bright future, Emma is also on the lookout for acting opportunities that align with her values.

So let’s raise our glasses and toast to the Watson clan and their incredible achievements! Cheers to Emma, her captivating photoshoot, the exquisite Renais gin, and the exciting ventures that lie ahead for this talented actress and entrepreneur!

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