Emma Watson Overshadowed All with a Golden Mini Dress at the Burberry Show

Emma Watson was an absolute sensation at the Burberry Catwalk Show during London Fashion Week held at Chelsea College of Art & Design in London. Emma wore a stunning gold Burberry mini dress which fully revealed her long and toned legs. Harry Potter star amazed everyone present at the fashion show with her tight mini dress with short sleeves, which was tightened at the waist with a black sash emphasizing her perfect figure. The British actress wore light brown hair tied in a large bun but left two thick strands to frame her beautiful face, accentuated with dark eye makeup and lip gloss. Emma Watson finished off her look with gorgeous black leather strappy high heels, two silver rings, a silver manicure, and a pedicure while holding a small light beige handbag in her hand as she posed for the cameras. The Perks of Being a Wallflower star wore a black trenchcoat which she immediately took off when she arrived at the event.

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