Emma Watson Looked Stylish in Streetwear while Out and About in Manhattan

Emma Watson showed off her incredible sense of style as she walked through Manhattan doing some errands. Emma was so pretty that everyone who passed by stared at her and followed her gaze. The Harry Potter star wore a thin white partly unbuttoned shirt under a black coat paired with dark blue skinny jeans that she stylishly rolled up a bit. The movie star accentuated her lean waist with a wide brown leather belt and wore comfy, flat black shoes. Emma added to her style a soft, long knitted beige scarf and Gucci sunglasses while she wore her light brunette hair in her distinctive style, loose and let to fall over her shoulders gently. Watson was makeup-free, and she wore a delicate, barely visible gold necklace a few rings. Emma Watson finished her look, carrying her black wallet and phone as she walked over a crosswalk.

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