Emma Watson is ELLE’s Cover Star and “Woman Of The Year”

In a dazzling display of feminine power and style, the charismatic British actress and passionate advocate for gender equality, Emma Watson, graces the cover of the illustrious ELLE UK magazine. This vibrant publication honored her with the prestigious Woman of the Year Award at the esteemed ELLE Style Awards in 2017. In an exclusive interview with ELLE UK, Watson radiantly discusses her captivating portrayal of Belle in the enchanting film “Beauty and the Beast,” her courageous decision to embark on a year-long hiatus to dedicate herself to activism, and her inspiring feminist book club known as Our Shared Shelf. As she opens up about her remarkable journey, Emma also candidly shares her thoughts on navigating criticism and her tentative musings about penning her very own book on feminism.

Embracing the opportunity to showcase her impeccable fashion sense and promote ethical and sustainable choices, Emma’s photoshoot for the interview was an extraordinary collaboration between ELLE UK, Eco-Age, and the Green Carpet Challenge. In this dazzling display of conscious style, the accomplished star effortlessly donned various outfits that embodied the values of these innovative brands. With undeniable grace and charm, she dazzled in a stunning white dress, revealing a daringly deep cleavage, as well as a captivating blue unbuttoned shirt adorned with crisp white stripes and a delicate collar. Throughout the shoot, Emma expertly exhibited her natural beauty with loose, flowing tresses and exquisitely applied makeup, complemented by subtle yet elegant jewelry that added a touch of brilliance to her radiant presence.

As we delve into the captivating pages of ELLE UK, we are captivated by Emma Watson’s vivacity, elegance, and unwavering commitment to her passions. This remarkable actress continues to inspire and empower us all with her extraordinary talent, unyielding activism, and her undeniable flair for fashion that embraces ethical and sustainable choices.

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