Dua Lipa was Perhaps the Most Elegantly Dressed at the 2021 Fashion Awards

Dua Lipa looked extremely elegant compared to her usual look on the red carpet. The “Cold Heart” singer appeared on Monday, November 29, in an elegant Maximilian’s open-shouldered dress at the fashion awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The singer exuded elegance in a beautiful dress with a straight cut that spread slightly to the ground. She was very chic, replacing the usual expensive necklaces with the black fabric that she wore as a necklace around her neck. Her dress had one very creative detail: long sleeves that were not part of the dress. She matched the decorative black long sleeves with an otherwise sleeveless dress. Dua had a very subtle shimmery eye shadow and a bit of mascara that matched her beautiful complexion perfectly. The singer finished her make-up with a bit of skin-colored matte lipstick. The “Levitating” singer wore her black hair loose and styled in waves. As she’s always red carpet ready, she added a few minor details like a red stone ring and a red manicure to blend in with the red carpet.

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