Diane Kruger Posing for The Laterals Magazine December 2021 Issue

Diane Kruger looked fantastic as she posed for The Laterals magazine December 2021 Issue. The actress, who has graced the covers of hundreds of magazines, posed in very chic clothing combinations. For the magazine, the actress spoke about her previous movies, and she recalls Inglourious Basterds was a tough job to get because the director refused to audition her. Also, Diane said that In The Fade was a role that felt impossible to accomplish. The actress talked about her new movie and said that the movie The 355 came to her when she was on her baby break, and her baby was about five months old, and she was starting to look out for her new movie. It was an inspiration to see it’s possible and still have life as well, she said. Diane wore for photoshoot several various outfits that all were chic casual styles. She wore glamorous makeup for the photoshoot.

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