Dakota Johnson is the Cover Star of UK ELLE February 2022 Edition

Dakota Johnson is today’s Hollywood go-to girl, and it is not surprising that she now poses for the new cover of the UK Elle February 2022 issue. Dakota revealed that she and her partner – the Coldplay frontman – Chris Martin has been together since 2017, and they go out and they partying occasionally. Still, they work a lot and are mostly apart from each other, and when they have some free time, they only want to be at home where it is cozy and private. The couple keeps their romance out of the spotlight, but they’re still available to support each other. Dakota was spotted at one of Chris’s Coldplay concerts while Chris attended Dakota’s movie premiere for The Lost Daughter. Fifty Shades of Grey star looked perfect in the photos while being photographed in several different outfits that were very chic and glamourous at the same time. The actress wore her long brunette hair loose throughout the photoshoot, regardless of the outfit she wore.

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