Chloe Grace Moretz Arrives on NBC’s Today Show in NYC in a Chic Outfit

On Tuesday morning, December 7, Chloe Grace Moretz walked to the NBC studio in the Rockefeller Center in the Midtown neighborhood of Manhattan. Chloe looked incredibly casual-chic as she battled the cold weather in New York by wearing a black Louis Vuitton coat. The blonde beauty wore a colorful zip shirt under her coat, a unique black mini skirt, and the same color leather boots. Chloë Grace Moretz left her beautiful blonde silky hair loose as she made her way to the studio entrance. The actress had a beautiful gray manicure that could be seen while carrying her black leather purse in her hand. The Shadow in the Cloud actress didn’t have much makeup, just red blush and bright red lipstick. Chloe was a guest on NBC’s Today show to promote her role as pregnant woman Georgia in the sci-fi movie “Mother/Android.” The “Mother/Android” will premiere on December 17 on Hulu.

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