Charlize Theron Looked Amazing in a Red Swimsuit in Cabo San Lucas

Charlize Theron looked beautiful when she enjoyed the beach of Cabo San Lucas on Monday, November 27, with her mother, Gerda. The actress looked stunning in a reddish swimsuit that hugged every inch of her perfect build. The actress caught everyone’s eye on the beach as she walked barefoot on the sand with her half-short blonde hair disheveled in the waves before joining her mother in the water. She wore gold jewelry around her neck and arms while protecting her blue eyes with black sunglasses. Theron carefully entered the water step by step to adjust to the water temperature but did not allow the chilly water to stop her from enjoying the ocean with her mother. After a short time spent in the water, the mother and daughter came out of the water together. The Monster actress returned to her deck chair and dried herself with a white towel.

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