Blake Lively Captivates with Laid-Back Glamour at Bradley Cooper’s Party

Blake Lively was spotted making a casual yet chic statement as she arrived at Bradley Cooper’s NYC Apartment party on Thursday 26th.

Her outfit was a perfect blend of comfort and style. She donned a beige cardigan that added a cozy touch to her look. Underneath, she wore a also beige top that peeked through the cardigan.

The lower half of her outfit comprised of loose-fitting blue jeans that gave her look a relaxed vibe. Complementing her casual attire were her brown UGG slides, which are known for their comfort and laid-back style.

Accessories can make or break an outfit, and in Blake’s case, they definitely made it. She was seen wearing a few rings that added a subtle sparkle to her look. Her chic sunglasses not only shielded her eyes but also upped the style quotient.

One of the standout pieces was her blue purse. The purse not only served its purpose but also added an element of sophistication to her casual outfit.

And lastly, her long blonde hair was left loose and casual, perfectly matching the overall relaxed theme of her look.

In conclusion, Blake Lively’s outfit was a testament to the fact that one can never go wrong with a casual yet chic ensemble. It’s all about balancing comfort with style, and Blake did just that!

Blake Lively Outfit:

  • UGG x Opening Ceremony Tasman Chestnut
  • Chanel Square Flap Bag Denim Aged Gold Hardware 23S

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