Avril Lavigne on the Cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam – January 2022 issue

Avril Lavigne appears on the cover of the Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam January 2022 issue, and Madelene Lisella photographed the superstar. The Ontario-born singer has been gifted with music since she was two. Her album Let Go (2002), which presented songs like Sk8ter Boi and Complicated to the world, brought her the best-selling album worldwide in the 21st century. Twenty years later, these hits have gone down in music history. Twenty years later, Avril’s songs when she was a teenager are blowing up again on the Internet and Tiktok. Avril Lavigne is considered a leader in the pop-punk and alternative rock scene. The best part about TikTok blowing up was watching people talk about how much they loved Sk8er Boi and what it meant to them then, but then also seeing how many people still find themselves loving it now”. To name a few, they are Paramore, Skye Sweetnam, Fefe Dobson, Lillix, Kelly Osbourne, Krystal Meyers, Tonight Alive, etc.

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