Ariel Winter in a Bikini with her Boyfriend Luke Benward

Despite the cancellation of her beloved ABC show Modern Family a year ago, she may still have a prominent role in the film. It seems, however, that Ariel Winter is enjoying her life to the fullest.

She shared a series of jaw-dropping bikini pictures from her getaway on her Instagram account on Thursday. She showcased her curves in patterned bikinis from Sommer Swim as she posted countless selfies.

The actress proudly displayed her derriere in one of the photos as she sunbathed on the deck of an undisclosed beach location. She showed off her natural looks by going make-up-free as her strawberry blonde locks had a beachy wave.

One of the pictures showed her sipping on a frozen pina colada while having fun.

Luke Benward, her actor boyfriend of over a year, joined Ariel on the trip. The actor wore a white floral button-down shirt in a few snaps as he cuddled up with his ladylove.

Ariel proudly displayed a digital version of the classic Catan board game on her iPad in one of the pictures, indicating that they were in for a fun few days together. Winter wrote a touching tribute to Benward to celebrate his 26th birthday back in May, which she proudly shared on Instagram. ‘Happy 26th to the most special man that gives me all the feels all the time,’ she said. My heart is full of love for you. Thank you so much for everything. Her sweet message was accompanied by several of her favorite pics of Luke, as well as shots of the couple together. She mentioned how happy she was that Benward had been her ‘safe space and guiding light through all of the tough days’ in 2020.

Recently, Ariel revealed that she has been in therapy for eight years. Winter says she is ‘doing well’ now but admits that she struggled during the Coronavirus lockdown and that she isn’t the only one who has seen her mental health suffer recently. ‘The pandemic was hard,’ she told Entertainment Tonight. Depending on who you ask, it can be harder for some. The effect it’s had on a lot of people is devastating, especially in terms of mental health.’ Ariel continued, ‘For me, I’m very fortunate.’

Since 2008, I’ve been in therapy twice a week. Winter- who has been undergoing trauma therapy for the last year – doesn’t like being famous, but she is happy to use her position in the public eye to promote mental health. ‘I’m on medication,’ she said.

Meanwhile, Ariel – who was legally emancipated from her parents in 2015 – has offered her support to Britney Spears, who is trying to remove her conservatorship. ‘I support Britney,’ she said. She’s phenomenal, in my opinion. It’s an incredible story. I admire her intelligence and ability. She should be free to live her life, in control of her life, in control of herself. I find it absurd that she has to be in this situation. Unfortunately, the justice system is corrupt. It’s hard for me to watch her suffer. I hope she can get control of her life, her situation, and everything else as soon as possible. She deserves all of the happiness, freedom, love, control, and freedom that she deserves. People who have forbidden her from doing that should suffer some consequence.

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