Anne Hathaway’s Fashion Statement at “The Idea Of You” Promo Run

On April 29, 2024, Anne Hathaway made a striking fashion statement during the promotional run for her new film, “The Idea Of You” in New York City. The actress was seen in a series of outfits, each one unique and stylish in its own way.

The Simkhai Ensemble

One of the standout looks of the day was a cerulean blue ensemble by Simkhai. The outfit consisted of a pleated and ruffled Oakley tank and a Kelso skirt. The outfit was not only stylish but also imbued with a sense of flair. The color choice was particularly striking, a vibrant blue that was both eye-catching and elegant.

To complete the look, Hathaway chose a pair of blue Christian Louboutin So Kate Blue Patent leather pumps. The shoes matched the outfit perfectly, adding an extra touch of sophistication.


Anne Hathaway’s fashion choices during the promotional run for “The Idea Of You” were nothing short of stunning. Each outfit was unique, showcasing a range of styles from the elegant Simkhai ensemble to the chic Patou outfit. It’s clear that Hathaway isn’t afraid to experiment with her style, and the results speak for themselves.

Whether you’re a fan of Hathaway’s acting or her fashion sense, there’s no denying that she knows how to make a statement. And with “The Idea Of You” now in theaters, we can’t wait to see what she wears next.

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