Ana de Armas in a Rainbow-striped Top with Ben Affleck Outside her Home

Ana de Armas left her Venice Beach neighborhood and finally moves to Ben Affleck’s $19M Pacific Palisades residence. Ana held her beloved white Maltese dog and a cold orange soda drink while Ben does all the work, packed up his car with her massive bags and belongings. Cuban beauty wore a rainbow-striped top, which she tucked into her cropped denim jeans to highlight her trim waist. Knives Out star accessorized her look with a black tote bag and one part of a broken heart necklace while Ben has another piece of heart pendant as well. Ana de Armas pulled her hair into a ponytail, and she wore a medical face mask.

Ben opted for a casual look with a black t-shirt, including a big lightning bolt down the center with light-wash jeans and green sneakers. The actor and director covered his mouth and nose safely with a black face mask paired with black aviator sunglasses.

What’s next? The couple has been quarantining together, she meets his children, she has no kids, and the actress just moved to his house.

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1 thought on “Ana de Armas in a Rainbow-striped Top with Ben Affleck Outside her Home”

  1. Take it easy. It’s a fake relationship! At least he can say he hasn’t cheated on any of his girlfriends (besides Jennifer) because everyone was involved for a reason, most often for promoting their movies. This one won’t last. Honestly, waiting for the announcement they broke up.



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