Amber Heard Went For A Hike In Los Angeles With A Friend

Amber Heard recently spoke out against “online petitions” to have her removed from the Aquaman franchise. However, despite over a million signatures sent to DC Warner Bros to remove Amber from the sequel. This week Amber Heard confirmed that she would keep her role as Mera in the superhero franchise. After the announcement, Heard went for a hike in Los Angeles. The actress suited up in black leggings and red flannel with tattered brown boots for her sporty outing. The London Fields star tied her blonde hair back in a braid, slipping a coral bandana on her head. She was wearing a backpack with her initials and slipped a face mask on as she met up with a female friend dressed down in a blue sweatshirt and leggings with a trucker hat.

Amber Heard said that she was “excited to get started” filming the Aquaman sequel, despite those trying to stop it from happening. “Rumors and paid attacks on social media do not dictate casting decisions because they have no basis in reality. Only the fans made Aquaman and Aquaman 2 happen,” the actress said. However, the movie has not been officially got the green light by the studio and has no set date to start production, or whether there will be a change of actors. Amber has stated that she is not going anywhere.

Amber Heard Went For A Hike In Los Angeles With A Friend

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