Alexandra Daddario Stuns in Breathtaking Light Blue Dress at Max Mara Event

The stunning Alexandra Daddario was the star at the Max Mara 2015 Women In Film Face Of The Future event, lighting up the red carpet in a breathtaking light blue dress.

The halter neckline showcased her graceful shoulders while the flared skirt added a playful flair. Daddario looked as lovely as a cloudless blue sky in this ethereal ensemble.

Her strappy heels let her float down the red carpet, complementing the dress perfectly. With her silk-smooth brunette locks cascading down her shoulders in soft waves, Daddario embodied effortless glamour and femininity. Her skin glowed with a subtle radiance, like she had been kissed by the morning sun. Daddario’s makeup was applied to perfection, enhancing her natural beauty.

A simple yet statement-making silver ring adorned her finger, the twinkling star to top off her dreamy look. From head to toe, Daddario was breathtaking.

Her red carpet style proves she is a true fashion icon who can pull off elegance and sophistication like no other. Alexandra Daddario dazzled at the Max Mara event, lighting up the night with her beauty and style.

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