Alexandra Daddario Impresses in Chic and Stylish Ensemble at Roger Vivier Dinner Event

Alexandra Daddario’s appearance at the Roger Vivier dinner event hosted by Laura Dern and Laura Brown at Holloway House was a showstopper. The star of the show “White Lotus” was dressed to impress, showcasing her impeccable sense of style. Her black minidress with a high neckline was the perfect choice for the occasion, as it exuded sophistication and elegance. The dress was layered beneath a matching double-breasted long-sleeved coat, which provided added warmth and added a touch of glamour to the outfit. The sky-blue manicure provided a pop of color and a unique touch to the overall look.

Daddario’s footwear was just as impressive as her dress. She slipped into a pair of sharp and stylish over-the-knee boots from Roger Vivier. The boots were made of suede and had a tobacco-brown color, with lightly squared toes. The boots also had short heels, likely 2 to 3 inches in height, and featured Vivier’s signature square buckles in sleek gold metal. These boots added a bohemian touch to Alexandra’s outfit and provided her with a neutral base that complemented the stark hues of her outfit. The boots were the perfect finishing touch to her stylish ensemble and helped her stand out among the crowd.

Overall, Alexandra Daddario’s appearance at the dinner event was a true reflection of her fashion sense and style. She made a lasting impression with her chic and stylish ensemble, showcasing her impeccable taste in fashion.

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