Selena Gomez Hosts in a New Cooking Mini-show Called Selena + Chef

Selena Gomez cooking show… wait, what? Selena always said that if she were not an actress nor singer, she would like to be a chef, and now, because of social distancing, Selena Gomez has forced to spend more time in the kitchen than she ever imagined. In this new idea show, Selena will try to cook with professional chefs. “Selena + Chef,” a 10-episode cooking series, she will be joined remotely by a different master chef on the HBO Max streaming service. Selena Gomez is joined by chefs, including Angelo Sosa, Nancy Silverton, and Roy Choi, as she tries out new recipes with tips from the expert chefs. While showcasing for viewers Selena’s struggle of learning to cook, the series will highlight food-related charities and help raise funds for them. We all are excited to see her cooking; it will be a blast.

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