Olivia Wilde Enjoying Horseback Riding Session in the Thousand Oaks

Olivia Wilde is treated herself with some relaxation as she balances work and parenting. She wore a black tank top and black jodhpurs and boots. Olivia also sported black gloves and tucked her beautiful long hair under a black safety helmet. Olivia Wilde has been riding regularly as she and her family continue to live in Southern California during the pandemic. She and her partner Jason Sudeikis, with two young children, relocated west when the coronavirus shut down New York City.

Spider Gal, Spider Gal, friendly neighborhood Spider Gal! The star in demand, Olivia Wilde, has sealed a deal to direct a secret Marvel movie project revolving around a female character. It is not confirmed yet, but it is rumored that the story will be centered on Spider-Woman. The script of a film will be written by Katie Silberman with Amy Pascal producing. Rachel O’Connor will be an executive producer. The Spider-Woman personality has been the alter ego of several characters in the Spider-Man timeline, including Jessica Drew, Gwen Stacy, and Mary Jane Watson. They were the first to sport the costume in the late 1970s. Since Wilde is completely renewing the concept, it is unknown how the studio will go with her.

Olivia discretely confirmed the news when she shared this picture on Instagram.


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