Kim Kardashian and Pete Allegedly Started Dating after a Kiss on SNL

Rumors of a romance have been circulating since they kissed on Saturday Night Live.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Allegedly Started Dating after a Kiss on SNL

On October 9, 2021, Kim hosted SNL, on which Pete appears as a cast member. Kim and Pete kissed during a sketch in which they played Aladdin and Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin, specifying that they might be more than friends. Pete was a “true professional” while Kim was the host of SNL in 2021, but “things” between them started to become “flirtatious” soon after the episode wrapped up. During rehearsals and between takes, he was a true professional, but afterward, things got flirty. As soon as they exchanged numbers, Pete asked Kim if she’d like to hang out sometime. While Kim and Pete have “bumped into each other a few times through mutual friends” in the past, SNL was their first “real” opportunity to chat. Before the show, Kim was quite nervous. Although Kim was nervous, Pete was able to calm her down and help her find her confidence, the insider said.

Kim understood why Ariana Grande, Kaia Gerber, and Kate Beckinsale dated him. It appears that Pete appeals to Kim because of his engaging personality and “insightful and fascinating” life. Pete held hands with Kim on a ride at Knott’s Scary Farm in California on October 29, 2021. On their first official date, they were photographed on the rooftop of Campania, located in Pete’s hometown of Staten Island, New York. Afterward, they went to Zero Bond in Manhattan for a second date. While Kim and Pete have not commented on their romance, a source told that “things could turn romantic” between them. According to a source, Kim and Pete are just friends at the moment, but things could develop into a romance.” A insider also said that both Kim and Pete were feeling “sparks” while filming SNL. Sparks flew between them- it was apparent they were having fun.

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