Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen Enjoyed a Low-key Breakfast in Sydney

Australian actress Isla Fisher and British actor Sacha Baron Cohen were spotted out in Sydney on Tuesday; they appear to have recently snuck into Australia and enjoyed a laidback lifestyle. They visited a local café in Bondi, where they enjoyed breakfast together, without children. Sitting across from each other, they chatted during meals. Isla and Sacha tried their best to maintain a low-key profile, with the actress keeping her sunglasses on for most of their breakfast. After finishing their meals, they walked outside and both wearing face masks. They held their bottles of water as they walked alongside each other. Isla Fisher stepped out in a black and blue exercise leggings, which she paired with a zip-up blue jacket with a rainbow line at her chest. Isla also wore fluorescent green sneakers, and a waist bag was tied around her hips. Isla’s beautiful long ginger hair sat loosely around her shoulders, and the actress appeared to be makeup-free, showing off her natural beauty. Isla was later spotted out alone, clutching her car keys in one hand and three drink bottles and her phone in the other.

Meanwhile, Sacha Baron Cohen wore a red, white and blue trucker hat, which he wore with black sunglasses and a white KN95 face mask. The actor stepped out with her wife in navy blue shorts, which he wore with a long-sleeve white t-shirt and blue sneakers.

Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen Enjoyed a Low-key Breakfast in Sydney

Isla and Sacha have been married for ten years. They were met at a party in Sydney back in 2002 and married in Paris, 2010.

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