Alexandra Daddario Urges her Fans to Stop Partying

Alexandra Daddario sends a theatrical video message as she urges her fans on Instagram to stop partying and to wear masks and follow CDC’s recommended social distancing. Alexandra says: “Where are your masks? You want to never go to a party again. The sooner you stop going to parties, and the sooner you start wearing your masks, the sooner we can all party. I miss partying, and I would die to go to one right now, and I have never been particularly eager to go into one. However, now all I want to do is go to a smelly bar and drink terrible gin and tonics. But, I can’t because you won’t stop going to dumb parties and breathing in each other’s faces. Stop doing it. People are dying. People are sick. You will get sick. You will get sick. I know people who have been very, very ill. It is horrifying. Stop doing that. There is a reason why it is out of control in our country. Because you guys won’t wear your masks and socially destined to be seen, please be smart, wear your masks. Please pick one or two or three people to hang out with, and just for a couple of months. There is no reason to party right now. There is nothing to party about. Please do not go to parties, be responsible. Please wear your masks and be more responsible.” The actress looked casual in a bright red t-shirt, without make-up, and jewelry. She has been self-isolating with her gal friend Morgan Nalley and their dogs.

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